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One last thing ...

Team 4 final word count ....

Drum roll please ....

In the last 5 months we have written 2,044,549 words as a team with 10 active members.

Congrats to acushla712 for the highest word count.

Awesome job all!

Day 116-120 (April 26th-30th)

Get your final word counts in ASAP! I'll be posting to the main comm by the end of the weekend. This is the last post for springwrite, so if you have ANYTHING outstanding, get it in NOW! Cause you won't get another chance!

And PS, team 4, it's been a blast for the last 20 months! Keep up the writing, and maybe I'll be back around next season!

Day 109-115 (April 19th-25th)

Day 102-108 (April 12th-18th)

Update of sorts...

Just a heads up for team 4 - I've come to the rather obvious conclusion that after this season ends, I'm stepping down as mod of seasonwrite4. If anyone had has any interest in modding, start thinking it over and let me know. Modship would be handed over to you starting the first of May.

There have been a lot of things distracting me from this comm in recent months, and I haven't been giving it even 25% of what I should. After 20 months of being mod, I just can't keep it up. I got a new job in January that I love, but that is consuming my time (lots of overtime each week!), and I'm mod of two other comms in addition to this one, and something had to go. Unfortunately, it's going to have to be this one.

So think it over guys, if anyone is interested, let me know. Being mod is basically posting word count entries, keeping a spreadsheet of all the writers, and posting it weekly to seasonwrite. It's also nice to be able to post weekly challenges or weekend challenges, or such to the comm, and reporting to the comm where everyone is standing with their word counts and such. It's not a ton of work, but it needs more love then I can give it.

Day 94-101 (April 5th-11th)

Week 14 - April 1st to April 4th

Day 90- Day 92 (March 29th-March 31st)

Post the end of the month word count here!!!

Day 82-89 (March 22nd-28th)

Post your word count here!

Editting Tips

Hi all!

I'm not sure if anyone else has trouble editting as much as I do but thought this article might be helpful-


I suck at editting, I prefer the process of the first draft and hoping I can finish my current second draft by the end of this month in order to start something new in April.

Hope this helps!

Day 75-81 (March 15th-121st)

My internet went out last night and did some weird thing ... idk ... anyways ...

Your tricks for reaching 150k

April is fast approaching. There's about a week and a half or so of March left to go, I'm not sure about the rest of you but April will need to be made up of magic for me to achieve 150k. Granted I'm doing better with writing this month I'm just curious for anyone whose behind if they have any tricks up their sleeve to come through?

Like participating in Script Frenzy and cranking out 100 pages off playwright, movie script, graphic novel, etc craziness? I've signed up for script frenzy in order to work on a comic I've had in mind but it won't be my primary focus since I prefer writing shorts/novels vs scripts. So my trick for April will be scracthing out the word "April" on my calendar to ink in "November", lol.

Anyone else behind? Trying to figure out their time for next month? Writing a huge number of shorts to push your word count upward? Script Frenzy? Your own version of Nano? Ducking in a corner and hiding from the keyboard? Hoping Casper will appear and accept your ramen as payment to type your project for you while you rattle ideas from the bed?

Day 68-74 (March 8th-14th)

Post your day 60-67 word count here!!

Day 60-67

Post your day 60-67 word count here!!

Day 53-Day 59 (Feb 22nd-Feb 28th)

Post your day 53-59 word count here!!

Remember to get your month end counts in asap! I will be turning final counts in on the pm of the 2nd, so if they're not in, I can't count them!

Day 46-Day 52 (Feb 15th-Feb 21st)

If no one objects, I'm going to switch to posing just once a week. I just stated a new job and have taken on some additional responsibilities in some other comms, my brain is turning to mush, and I'm just not on here daily.

Day 45 (Feb 14th)

Post your day 45 word count here!

Day 44 (Feb 13th)

Post your day 44 word count here!

Day 43 (Feb 12th)

Post your day 43 word count here!

Day 42 (Feb 11th)

Post your day 42 word count here!


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6. De-accession euphemisms.

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